For my Solemate
Henry's Valentine's Day Energy
Hetty's Valentine's Day Energy
First I Slid in your DMs
First You Slid in my DMs
Ride my Pony
Hella Jarring
Couple Maggies
Clap Dem Cheeks
Even though You Wear Crocs
Stolen Things
Back-Blowing Session
My Biggest Flex
Soul-Sucking Session
Fire in My Booth
Solid & Reliable
Valentine's Day (and dem tings deya)
Waviest Man
Waviest Gyal
Love Yuh Fi True
Like Rice & Peas
Life Would be Dry (Pink Edition)
You are Leng
I Love You Bitch
For My Killy
Finessed My Heart
Buff Daddy
Sending Bare Love
Guuurl, You come Sweet like Mango
Super in Malt
Side Ting
I wouldn’t be so Wavy
Fat Kid Loves Cake
Big Forehead Queen
For My Slime
Sorry For All The Stress
Like Cooked Food
Any Amount of Jollof
Meme Partner
You're My G
More than Kel Loves Orange Soda
I Love You No Cap
Man Loves You Still
You Have Been Cuffed!
Life Would be Dry Without You
Thanks for Sliding into my DMs
Sometimes I Want You to Shut Up
Last Wing