Birthday for Husband



Life Would be Dry Without You
Gwarn Wid Yuh Bad Self
You're My G
Birthday Bossman
Your Snoring is Mad
For My Main Ting
Crease My Air Forces
Black Don't Crack
Life Would be Dry (Pink Edition)
Waviest Yout
Attention Order
Fine-Ass Snack
Iconic Duo
You're My Favourite Opp
Still a Wasteman
Man Loves You Still
You Might Move Mad Sometimes...
The Goat
The Goat
Love Yuh Fi True
Like Bun & Cheese
Sorry For All The Stress
Peng Ting
The Jollof to my Rice
There's Just Something About Him
I Love You No Cap
You Get the Cake Later
For my Spice
You Chat Rubbish
Big Man Ting
Things Getting Blown Out
Fat Kid Loves Cake
More than Kel Loves Orange Soda
For My Slime
MCM Everyday
Sweet One
I Love You Bitch
I'm Lost in Your Sauce
My Malteaser
Thanks for Swiping Right
Men Are Trash.. But You're OK
Meme Partner
Any Amount of Jollof
Babyfaced King
For My Bawse
For My Killy
Have a Lit One
Hennything's Possible
Fine-Ass Beard Award