Caribbean Seasoning's Greetings
Christmas Spirit
'Tis the Bloodclart Season
Merry Christmas Fam
My Malteaser
Christmas Without Me
Maggi's Seasoning’s Greetings
Christmas (and dem tings deya)
Rudolph the Rudeboy Reindeer
Rah, It's Christmas Again
Merry Christmas From Your Favourite Yout
It's Christmas, Madting
Nuff Christmas Blessings
Mistletoe & Whines
Christmas Would be Dry Without You
For my Main Hoe Hoe Hoe
Christmas Cardi
Everyday Feels Like Christmas
Lit Christmas
Santa's Snacks
Christmas Present Stress
Christmas nuh run without Overproof Rum
Christmas Bossman
Wi Nuh Av Dat
Merry Christmas from the Grandpickney Dem
Christmas Presents in this Economy?
Merry Christmas from the Fam
Who Told you?
Christmas Vibes
Three Wise-Migos
Jamaican Patwa Christmas Crossword
Christmas Wasteman
Christmas Eediat Gyal
Waviest Christmas Yout
Santa Drip
We're Like a Christmas Cracker
Jingle Dem Bells & Dat
Christmas Old Jamaican Dad
It's Beginning to Feel a lot like
Christmas Opp
Santa Knows
DaBaby in a Manger
Christmas Eediat Bwoy
Merry Thickmas
Fill Your Stocking
Christmas Dinner Judge
IOU: x1 Christmas Turn Up
Merry Christmas - Don't Expect Money