Birthday for Mum



Rice at Home
Attention Order
The Goat
The Goat
Best Mudda Inna Di Wurl Award
Like Cooked Food
Sorry for My Attitude
Waviest Mum
Seasoning Teacher
Define: Mum
Any Amount of Jollof
Inspirational Black Women (and Mum)
Mum's Holding Spray
Pie Chart of Curry Goat
Original Badgyal Birthday
Jamaiqueen Bee
Big Up Mama
Dear Mama, You are Appreciated
Nice Care Home
Got It from My Mama
Mum Don't Crack
Bed & Mama
Real-Life Superhero
Pie Chart of Jollof
Trust Issues
Who Needs a Father?
Afriqueen Bee
Hot Mama Award
Thank You Mama for the 30+ Years
It Takes a Queen
Meat Thief
Melanin Poppin'
Lit Mum Award
Thank You Mama for the 20+ Years
Mummy's Genes
Put it on My Head
Nuff Love Mum
Supermum's Birthday
Stunting Ain't a Choice Woman
I could Never Thank You
Mumzy's Wordle
Birthday Jobless Human
Mum, Man Loves You Still
Mum, Sorry for the Stress
Madda Like No Other
Pretend Birthday Card
Daddy said this card is from me
Old Jamaican Mum's Birthday
Mrs Know Everyting