Birthday for Her



Life Would be Dry Without You
Gwarn Wid Yuh Bad Self
You're My G
Rah, Is That You?
Birthday Badgyal
Your Snoring is Mad
You're Getting Old Fam
Rice at Home
For My Main Ting
Crease My Air Forces
Black Don't Crack
Life Would be Dry (Pink Edition)
Waviest Yout
It's your Birthday. Madting
Attention Order
More Life (and dem tings deya)
Guuurl, You're Ageing Like a Fine Wine
Fine-Ass Snack
All Men are Bloodclarts (Allegedly)
Iconic Duo
You're My Favourite Opp
Man Loves You Still
It's your Birthday. Brap
The Goat
Like Bun & Cheese
Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday
Sorry For All The Stress
Rah, 30
Rah, 30
Peng Ting
Actually Getting Old
The Jollof to my Rice
Love Yuh Fi True
Just trying you be like you
I Love You No Cap
Waist = Snatched, Edges = Laid
Like Cooked Food
Birthday Cardi
For my Spice
You Chat Rubbish
Big Rassclart 30
Slaying Too Hard
Jheeze You're Getting Old
More than Kel Loves Orange Soda
Fat Kid Loves Cake
For My Slime
Sorry for My Attitude
Sweet One