New Christmas Cards



Ghetto Little Christmas
If there's no Sorrel
Who Told you?
Merry Christmas Likkle Man
Merry Christmas Likkle Lady
Dear Oloni - Virgin Mary
Rassclart Happy New Year
Wi Nuh Av Dat
Santa Saw
Christmas Blessings from the Gang
You can Call me Santa
Merry Christmas - Not Supermalt
Merry Christmas - Not the Xbox
Merry Christmas - Not the PS5
Merry Christmas - Not Plantain
Jamaican Patwa Christmas Crossword
Merry Christmas - Here for the Food
Merry Christmas - Don't Expect Money
Can I Call you Santa?
Barl Head King Christmas
Little Miss Gets too Lit
Mr. Gets too Lit
Christmas Dinner Invitation
Supermum Christmas
Superdad Christmas
Little Miss Seconds Thirds & Fourths
Mr. Seconds Thirds & Fourths
Santa Knows
Merry Christmas from the Grandchild
Merry Christmas from the Grandchildren
Christmas nuh run without Overproof Rum
Christmas Old Jamaican Grandad
Christmas Old Jamaican Grandma
Christmas Old Jamaican Mum
Christmas Old Jamaican Dad
Nuff Christmas Blessings Nan
Nuff Christmas Blessings Grandma
Nuff Christmas Blessings Grandad
Little Miss Monopoly
Mr. Monopoly
Merry Thickmas
Jingle Dem Bells & Dat
Christmas Presents in this Economy?
Merry Christmas from the Grandpickney Dem
Christmas Would be Dry Without You
Christmas (and dem tings deya)
Waviest Christmas Yout
Christmas Wasteman